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    Filemaker pro 11 support in thai Language ?



      Filemaker pro 11 support in thai Language ?


      I wait for a long time for Filemaker since version 5 -----> 11!!!!. Possible i can use thai Language in new version? 

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          Beautiful girl:

          Thank you for posting.

          FileMaker Pro should be able to use any Unicode fonts but it may not properly sort or index them.

          For more information please refer to Knowledge Base article #747:

          FileMaker, Inc.

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             Thai Language may not properly sort or index. It's OK.

            But I can not  type some Thai Language.

            See the Picture www.taradthong.com/picture_library/FilemakerPro2.jpg

            Microsoft word can support unicode fonts, I can type thai.

            But FM11 can support unicode fonts, I can not type thai. 

            Best Regard,

            Beautiful girl

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              If I can expand on what Beautiful girl (the photo sure is of a beautiful girl) posted:

              BG is probably talking about the Windows version of FMP. Microsoft Word for Mac does not support Thai text, while the Windows version does. The issue isn't Unicode fonts per se, but the typography: Thai has glyphs that go above and below the previous glyph, sometimes in positions that depend on what the previous glyph was. Mac OS X supports this very well in iWork Pages, which is the only word processor I've seen that does a good job of setting Thai type on a Mac. Some applications accept all Thai characters but ignore alternate placements.

              FMP 11 accepts Thai text and displays it properly in value lists and script comments (maybe many other places), but won't accept the following Thai characters in field names or text field entries:[  ั   ิ  ี  ึ  ื ่  ้  ๊ ๋  ็  ์   ุ  ู ] When the user types one of these, the keystroke sound is played, but no addition is made to the text. Text pasted into a field displays properly, so the problem is apparently in an input routine used in field data entry but not in enumerating lists. As small as those symbols look, they're essential for creating any intelligible Thai text, and mean I'll have to use some other application, like an Excel kluge, to handle everything in my restaurant, instead of using FMP to create an application I can sell. Bummer, but I'm thankful for the free trial option.