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FileMaker Pro 11 will not create email with file as attachment in Outlook?

Question asked by CharlesSutton on Dec 20, 2010


FileMaker Pro 11 will not create email with file as attachment in Outlook?


Hey guys,

I have a user that was just upgraded from XP to Windows 7 64-bit.  He is currently using Filemaker Pro 11 along side Outlook 2007.  We are able to save his records as PDFs, however we can not get FileMaker or Outlook to compose a message when "Create email with file as attachment" is selected in the save dialog under the file menu.  It shows a progress bar that flashes on the screen very quickly.. then nothing, nothing at all. The PDF is created but the new email message in Outlook never comes up. No error messages or anything. 

He also has a script that populates information in the email and that does not work either, same results.  It does return an unknown error -1 which just looks like a failure from the email message not being created.

The user does have admin rights and normally he does save the PDFs to a server, however we have tried saving to his local drive with the same results.  FileMaker has been set to "run as an administrator" and have tried running it in compatibility mode as Windows XP (SP3).  UAC in Windows 7 was turned off and was set at the default as well.  Outlook is set as the default email client with only one profile (user's exchange account) and is able to send out normal email.  Filemaker Pro is also running at 11.0v2.  and we have tried the same with xls files.

He was able to email out the PDFs just fine on XP using Outlook 2007, anyone know what may be stopping the email process on his new computer?