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    FileMaker Pro 11, ODBC SQL state 28000



      FileMaker Pro 11, ODBC SQL state 28000



           I am trying to access a database in FileMaker Pro 11 via ODBC and I'm getting the following error:


                Warning: odbc_connect(): SQL error: [FileMaker][FileMaker ODBC]  (802): Unable to open file, SQL state 28000 in SQLConnect in /Users/dphiffer/Sites/odbc/odbc.php on line 5

           This is a very mature and well-loved database, perhaps created in an earlier version of the software. So I did a test with a brand new database and the same ODBC test script worked as expected. I've double checked things like the ODBC/JDBC and Security settings. I wonder if there's something else I might want to try?

           Thanks in advance,