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Filemaker Pro 11: No "Deactivation" option

Question asked by DougStofel on Feb 10, 2011
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Filemaker Pro 11: No "Deactivation" option


Hi all,

I recently purchased Filemaker Pro 11 via the online download option from site.  I installed this on my iMac.  However, I've since changed my mind and want to install Filemaker on my Macbook Pro laptop instead.  I thought this would be as simple as selecting some sort of "deactivation" option for the filemaker Pro 11 that is currently installed on my iMac, and then once it's been deactivated on the iMac, simply installing it on my MacBook Pro.  

The problem is:  I can't find any "Deactivation" option on Filemaker Pro 11.  I looked under the Help menu, but there is no option there to "deactivate". 

Can anyone help me with the correct process to get this done?