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FileMaker Pro 12 - container field crashes

Question asked by jimpat on Feb 18, 2013
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FileMaker Pro 12 - container field crashes


     We recently upgraded to 12.  We've been using FileMaker Pro for quite sometime, however i am new to it and am going through the FileMaker Training Series.  I'm to the point in the training of container fields, and whenever i get to the part where i need to create a container field and insert anything other than a picture file (pdf or mov or doc or xls) it starts off as if it's ok, but when i click on it (left or right click), the whole program crashes.  This isn't just within the training series, but is carrying into our live work system as well.  Since the upgrade, there have been issues with the container fields.  Can someone help me fix it?  Or is a FM bug that needs to be fixed?  The error is not specific, it just states that FileMaker has encountered a problem and asks if an error report should be sent or not.

     Jenn Davis