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Filemaker Pro 12 / Filemaker Go  ( Saving PDF / Emailing )

Question asked by TomCichowicz on Mar 4, 2014
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Filemaker Pro 12 / Filemaker Go  ( Saving PDF / Emailing )


     I'm running into an issue that has got me confused, and I don't know where to look for a solution.

     I'm successfully generating a Report -> Layout. Then with a Script saving as a PDF and emailing as an attachement, to a distribution list. This is working great from the desktop.

     I've setup another layout and Script that uses all the same code within the script, except the email functionallity, as I've read that the 'Go' has a limitation to attach files, I'm assuming because that are saved to the iOS device, not the Server/FileMaker PC.

     Everything works, it creates a file(PDF) on the local iOS device, however it only contains the first record in the report, and only creates the 1st page of the report.

     Is there anything that I'm missing specific for the "Go" client related to saving PDFs?