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      FileMaker Pro 12 Copy & paste issue


           We are having major issues with the copy and paste function in Pro 12.

           Copy and paste works within Filemaker but will almost never work when trying to copy text only from an excel spread sheet to paste into Filemaker. This is causing data re-entry which we all know is asking for errors. Does anyone have any ideas on a fix for this issue?



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               Are you copying the contents of a single cell or multiple cells when you do this?

               If you are copying multiple cells in one copy, what exactly do you do next when you try to paste into FileMaker? What results do you get?

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                 We're only copying the text from a single cell. Not even the full cell, just selecting the text.

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                   Then you should be able to paste that text into a FileMaker field.

                   Can you describe what you are doing and what results you are getting (if any) in more detail?

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                     Simply just highlighting text from Excel, right click copy, Click into FM field control V to paste.(PC format, sadly not on a mac)

                     Absolutely nothing happens. no comment box, just no response. right click to paste has no effect either.

                     We often have the same problem when trying to copy/paste between 2 FM tables within the same program.

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                       Sounds like you have a problem either with FileMaker or your computer. I just ran the following test:

                       I opened an Excel spread sheet. I double clicked a cell to put the cursor in the cell and did a mouse drag to select all text inside the cell. I then pressed Ctrl-C to copy the selected text. I then switched over to FileMaker, clicked in a text field and pressed ctrl-V. The text pasted as expected. And I do not have any issues copy and pasting from within FileMaker.

                       There is an ongoing, open issue report made by others reporting clipboard issues with FileMaker. To date, neither myself nor techs at FileMaker have been able to make much progress in reproducing the issue. There are some links in this thread, however, that may be worth investigating to see if they might help you.

                  Clipboard not working

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                         Thanks for the thread and all of your input. We both (only 2 FM users here) tend to keep FM open for many days without closing. reading some of the posts on the thread you provided make me think that if we shut everything down more frequently it may help. I'm gonna give that a try for a few days & see what happens. Thanks again!! Happy New Year!