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Filemaker Pro 12 Crashes

Question asked by KeithBotelho on May 5, 2013
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Filemaker Pro 12 Crashes


     Windows 7 SP1 x32
     OKay I have a very interesting problem. I have a workgroup computer with 3 different accounts on it. There are two administrative accounts and one user account. I installed FMPro 12 under one of the administrative accounts and it opens just fine (I also checked the all users option). When I go to the non-administrator user the FMPro12 crashes and will not load. These are the steps I took to try to fix it.

     1. Added the user to the Admin group

     2. Uninstalled and reinstalled under that user's account

     3. Updated the version of java

     4. Removed the antivirus (for testing purposes)

     5. Turned off UAC

     The Report.wer file contains this:

     Sig[3].Name=Fault Module Name

     The strange thing is I have two other computer with the exact configuration and software and it launches on them.


     Any suggestions?