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Filemaker Pro 12 Script

Question asked by DerekPopovich on Nov 1, 2013
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Filemaker Pro 12 Script



     I am having some trouble with the scrips for filemaker pro 12, I have not been able to get my wits around it.

     I created my project with PHP, MYSQL and APACHE and I am trying to re-make it as Filemaker pro database so I can 

     run it on some computers without having to install a MYSQL server, The people I am making it for find it very hard using

     xampp/wamp for some reason.

     Can someone please help me convert the following mysql query into filemaker pro script?
     SELECT stat_number, sqldate, sqlvalue, ID,
     CAST (GROUP_CONCAT(IF(YEAR(sqldate)= 2011, sqlvalue, NULL)) as UNSIGNED) AS 2011,
     CAST (GROUP_CONCAT(IF(YEAR(sqldate)= 2012, sqlvalue, NULL)) as UNSIGNED) AS 2012,
     weekofyear(sqldate) AS `weekofyear(sqldate)`
     FROM StatsValue
     WHERE (stat_number = 196) and (sqldate >='2011-01-01' OR sqldate <'2013-12-31')
     GROUP BY weekofyear(sqldate)
     ORDER BY weekofyear(sqldate)
     Thank you for the help, DPP