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FileMaker Pro 12 Serious Problem

Question asked by jasongan_1 on May 10, 2012
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FileMaker Pro 12 Serious Problem


Hi All

I have FM Pro 12 and server installed for about a week now. My Database is about 800MB. Everything seems fine after I convert the database from FMP 11. But today I am having problem : if I am editing a field and without using TAB or Return to move to next field, then I hit a button to do find, very often I get error, saying something caused FileMaker Pro stopped working. then if I ok this error message, my FMP 12 exits. I can restart FMP and  log in again. but if I do the samething, the same problem most likely will re-occur.


I did check the logs from the FM 12 Server, but I just found " the user has stopped responding ....".

That is very bad. it makes me not feel comfitable for this new upgrade.


Please help. 


Thanks Davidanders to remind me to detail my system environment. and here it is:


My environment is: Windows 2003 with FM 12 server; Windows 7 or Windows XP SP3 with FMP 12 Adv. or FMP 12.

Each FMP 12 desktop opens the Database hosted by the FM 12 server. The button hosts a simple script to find orders.


This problem happened to both Windows 7 and Windows XP desktop.



Jason Gan