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Filemaker pro 13 adv... backup'ing solutions

Question asked by on May 13, 2015
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Filemaker pro 13 adv... backup'ing solutions


I have a Filemaker Pro v.13 Adv app solution runing on a Mac, it is working since v.11 flawlessly :-)
Currently my "backup aproach" is that the folder where the db file lives is a DropBox folder, so when user quits file maker it will sync the file. Other database files like images and pdfs are stored in file system, so the timemachine of the OSX does that part. It is not perfect but it works. 
I cant afford to buy a server version, I have a FM Pro 13 Adv licence and a FM Pro 13 licence also.
My issue now is that I nedd share the database with other mac and and iPad. So I will move this database to a macmini that will run osx server and the filemaker pro 13,  24h, and will share this on network...
So what will be the best aproach to do backups in your opinion?

thanx in advance

Vitor Costa