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    Filemaker Pro 13 Crash



      Filemaker Pro 13 Crash


      I have filemaker pro 13 and server 13.  When I start up filemaker pro, even if I don't open any solution, it crashes after 43 seconds....


      This mean any thing to anyone  

      exception_access_violation in module mfc110

      I have a license for 9 FileMaker Pro's, I only have it on two computers so far and they're both doing the same thing.

      Any Ideas?





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          What Operating system and what version of that system are the computers?

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            Windows 7 pro on all of them...


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              There are no known "crash" issues with Windows 7 and FMP 13. The computer I am using to respond to you is a windows 7 system with FMP 13.04 advanced installed on it and, obviously, I can use the program without crashing.

              Do you use plug ins? Might you have installed a plug in from your FMP 9 version for use with FMP 13?

              If so, as a test, remove all plug ins and see if that makes a difference. If that fixes the crash issue, add one plug in at a time until you figure out which one is the culprit. Then contact the person who created that plug in and see if they have an updated version for use with FMP 13.

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                ok, i have done so far, they seem to be  working.

                I am using no plugins at all. 

                I have removed google tool bar, not sure why that would make a difference, removed google crome,  Still was acting up, till I did another restart..

                Now it seems good, I have to try it one the other, hope it works.  


                I have always used Macs and it always worked...  Leave it to windows...lol

                Thanks for your help, I panicked a bit, since I have a feb 1st dead line...

                I will update this later today.

                Thanks again!!!

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                  We use google chrome and google docs without issue on W7 systems without issue where I work....