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FileMaker Pro 14 external authentication issues

Question asked by bhjackson on May 18, 2015
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FileMaker Pro 14 external authentication issues


Our users currently have FileMaker Pro 13 and use files that are hosted on FileMaker Server 13.  We use external server authentication to control file access.  We have a Windows Server 2008 functional level domain (Active Directory).

We just stood up a Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition server and installed FileMaker Server 14.  I then copied all of our hosted files from the FileMaker Server 13 machine over to the FileMaker Server 14 machine.  So now I have two FileMaker Servers (13 and 14) with identical copies of the hosted files on each one.  I also made sure my security settings match in the admin console (i.e. the Client Authentication setting set to "FileMaker and external server accounts").

The problem is when I try to open hosted files (File -> Open Remote) using FileMaker Pro 14 Client (32 or 64 bit), I can't see the files hosted by FileMaker Server 13 or 14 unless I use FileMaker Authentication.  If I open FileMaker Pro 13 Client, I can see and open files hosted by BOTH servers.

Both servers and clients meet the minimum requirements for install. I'm not seeing anything in the error logs either.

Any ideas?  Thanks!