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    Filemaker Pro 2.1



      Filemaker Pro 2.1




      I am using the Filemake Pro 2.1 system - which works very well for my needs.  Unfortunatley I have lost the discs in a house move and am now worried that if the worst happens and my computer crashes I won't be able to re-load onto a new computer.  I take back-ups regularly.  Does anybody have the old 2.1 discs that I could purchase.  Having read the processes needed to up grade (and my lack of computer know-how)I am very hesitant to do this.  Thanks  Gary

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             Given the many operating system changes since FMP 2.1, there is no guarantee that you will be able to load and run the software on a new computer anyway as it's new OS very possibly will no longer be compatible with such an ancient copy of the software. In otherwords, you will likely have no option but to upgrade at that point anyway.
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            My concern is that I cant transfer all my existing records onto a newer version as we dont have the orignal discs to reopen them?

            I spoke to the helpline and a lady said "just back up your records to a cd and you will be able to transfer them to a newer FM pro version should your pc crash". I am not confident that that is correct advise even though it comes from their own staff??? I guess there have been many changes since 2.1?


            I am quite content with my old 2.1 and would be happy to pay somebody for the disk in event that I need to recover a back up.It runs perfectly well even though my system has been upgraded to XP.


            Any help would be most welcome.



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              Current filemaker files can open and convert older filemaker files. Whether they can successfully convert files as old as yours, I don't know.


              You can, I think, make regular back up copies of your data by exporting the file as a text or merge file. See if you can do that. If so, make regular exports of your data and should you ever loose your system entirely, you will have the ability to create a new FMP database in the latest version and import your data from the text back ups into your new files.