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FileMaker Pro 3 - Cyrillic Font

Question asked by hughjars99 on May 22, 2009
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FileMaker Pro 3 - Cyrillic Font


Hi all,


I've been sent a FileMaker 3 database that has Russian (cyrillic) font for that data. Currently, my office doesnt have FileMaker but we would purchase FileMaker Pro 10 to view this data if it was going to be compatible with the Russian FileMaker Pro 3 file.


I downloaded the trial version of FileMaker Pro 10 to see if we could view the data but the trial version doesnt support cyrillic and the data is garbage. Would purchasing the full verion allow me to view the data in the cyrillic font it was created in originally? And are FileMaker Pro 3 files compatible with Pro 10?


Any help before we purchase this application would be much appreciated!