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Filemaker pro 4.0

Question asked by garryscothorn on Jan 29, 2011
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Filemaker pro 4.0


I have run my buisness program on filemaker pro 4.0 for the last 14 years.I have all my accounts on this program of which I have to keep for seven years.

I have used several computers with most of microsoft operating systems ie win 95 win 98 xp etc over these last 14 years.

I have just purchased a new computer today with windows 7 operating system.

Windows 7 cannot open the program stateing 16 bit is not combatable with 64 bit. (too techie for me)

Has anyone encountered this problem and is there a way to get pro 4.0 onto windows 7

If not is there a later version of filemaker pro that would be compatable and run my existing program

Any reply will be appreciated.