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    FileMaker Pro 5



      FileMaker Pro 5


      I have using FileMaker Pro 5 but I want to upgrade to FileMaker Pro 7.


      So, I'm not sure that I should purchase it again, otherwise I can upgrade it in this site.


      Please advise me.

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             That ship has sailed, quite a while ago. You'd be well served to go right to FM9, the current version, which can open and update your FM5 files. Lightyears ahead.
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            Thank you for your post.


            The answer by "dwl230" is correct.  (Thank you!)


            That is, FileMaker Pro 9 is the current version.  We no longer sell version 7 (let alone 8).  If you are located in the United States or Canada, then please call our Customer Assistance department at toll-free 800-325-2747.  If you are outside this area, go to our web site (www.filemaker.com), and in the upper right corner, select the country where you are located and find an office closest to you.



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