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    Filemaker Pro 5 Field narrow search help



      Filemaker Pro 5 Field narrow search help


      I want to narrow a search on a field for Filemaker Pro 5. The field is named "Location", I work at a museum and the collection has close to 5,000 pieces. I don't want a list of 5,000 pieces' locations, but I do want a list of all possible locations currently under that field, such as Gallery 1 or Bassment. This should be a list of around 50 locations. I have no idea how to do this and can't find any such thing in the user manual.


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          I had to open an old copy of FMP 5.5 to check but this works out just about the same in FMP 10 as it does in this much older version:


          Your location must be a stored field that can be indexed.

          Define a value list and use the Specify Field option to specify your location field as the source of Location values. Let's name this value list "Location List".


          Define a calculation field set to return text:

          ValueListItems ( Status ( CurrentFileName ), "Location List" )


          In FMP 10, this would read: ValueListItems ( Get ( FileName ), "Location List" )


          Put this field on a layout and either resize it tall enough so that you can see all the values or give it a scroll bar.


          Note: ValueListItems returns an empty string if the value list does not exist with the same exact name.