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    Filemaker Pro 5 issue w/ sharing



      Filemaker Pro 5 issue w/ sharing


      The error message received is "... is currently in use and could not be opened. The file is single-user, or the host could not be found in the network." This happens on two different client pcs, with no 3rd party firewalls, and XP firewalls disabled (host is same). From what I've found on Google, you can go to file from the host pc, and select sharing and setup sharing that way. The problem here is that the custom .fp5 file does not enable that feature; it's grayed out. Could I somehow use Filemaker Server 5 for sharing this? Any ideas, suggestions? Thanks.  

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          How are you trying to share this file amongst more than one user? Hopefully, you are opening the file on the host machine with Filemaker, then each user is using open remote to access the database. Opening FileMaker files directly from a shared directory is hazardous to the integrity of you file so I had to throw that warning in here.

          If you find this option greyed out when you open the file on your machine and pull down the File menu, it's possible that you do not have the file open with a full access password. Try opening the file while holding down shift (windows) or Option (Mac) and see if a password dialog appears. If so, it's set up in Document Preferences to open itself with a less than full access password.