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Filemaker Pro 5.5 - Unique printing question

Question asked by donviper on Feb 3, 2010
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Filemaker Pro 5.5 - Unique printing question & another issue.


First off let me say that I am very new to FileMaker Pro. I am only using this at my job because we need to change our existing label to print a different field on it. The person who setup and created our custom database hasn't worked here for over 6 years. We can not edit her original files and she cannot be contacted.


My work has an old version of FileMaker Pro 5.5

Operating System : Windows XP

FileMaker Pro knowledge on a scale of 1 - 10, I rate myself at 5, maybe 6, lol.


I have attached an image to help with my description. I only got as far as creating the layout and linking the NEW, DELETE, and EXIT buttons. I only made the NEW button green and the PRINT button yellow because these are the only two buttons that are most dominately used.


1st task I hope to have help with accomplishing:

Current we have almost the same layout as the one I attached to this forum. When we click on the PRINT button, it prints two pieces of information onto a 1.25" wide by 0.25" high label. The two pieces of information are the Lot Number and the Board Number. Basically, I need to get the PRINT button on the new form to do the same thing, but instead have the WIP Number and the Board Number. printed on the same size label. As I mentioned, I am very new to FileMaker Pro and I'm sure this is going to be a very complicated script or something and I really hope some of you very experienced users can help me out here. Currently our old database layout shows CURRENT RECORD as default when printing the labels out, which is what I need the new one to also do. Otherwise, when someone hits the print button, it's going to print every entry I imagine. As an added bonus, if it is possible, it would be great if the Quantity field on the layout would carry over into the PRINT dialog so a number doesn't have to be entered there, but this is the least of my worries.


2nd task:

Our old database layout has a FIND button that when pressed, brings up another form that the user can enter any of the following criteria:

Date Of Entry

Lot No.

Board No.

Board Name

Employee No.

Operation (SMT, Laser, Hand Stuff)

Machine (1, 2, 3, 4 or N/A)


I would like to know how to make this FIND button do the same thing for the new database layout. I am sure that it has something to do with Define Relationships, but then again......I'm not that experienced with FileMaker Pro. So I need to know how to create this secondary search form and have these fields able to take data entry to help locate previously run boards depending on some of the fields listed above. Some are redundant and need to be changed and removed.



And last but not least, my 3rd task is :


There are two fields for data entry on my database layout. They are Board Number & Board Name. On the old database file the woman created for us ages ago (2002), when you enter in the Board Number, the following field directly below it (Board Name) is automatically filled in with the appropriate matching data to the Board Number.


(Ex. by entering 817012 into the Board Number field, the board name; PTM301 would be entered automatically into the Board Name field below.)



I know this is a lot to request and I probrably should have requested each of these as a seperate message, my apologies. I don't really have a deadline for this and I am very excited to learn anything new, especially when it comes to technology. I am a quick learner and if anyone here can help me with even just one of these issues I would greatly appreciate it. They did drop this in my lap however because I am the only person left at my job with computer skills (Access, Excel, Photoshop, etc.)


Or, if anyone can tell me how to pull this information out of the old .fp5 files that she created ages ago, I'd also love to experiment there.