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FileMaker Pro 5.5 Setup question

Question asked by JaysonLarner on May 29, 2014


FileMaker Pro 5.5 Setup question


     Ok, I know this is a very old version but this is what I am working with.  On a Windows 2003 server, we have FileMaker Pro 5.5 installed.  This is server and the program both as this is shared through the network.  We don't really use the system anymore as we have moved over to a new database system but we need to keep this up for now due to historical references and audit needs, at least for the next year or two.  Also, I have never used this program ever so I am a real newbie to it.  

     The server that this is on is old and showing signs of wear so I want to move this over to my newer Server 2008 machine.  I have FMServer installed and FM Developer and FM Pro 5 installed to the server as they were done on the old server.  I have taken the backup database files that FMServer makes daily on the old server and copied them over into a Data folder in the FMServer program folder under Program Files.  I have stopped the FM service on the old server and started it up on the new server.  I can hit the server via my workstation easily but I get errors when I try to get it to run.  I also have checked the event viewer on the server and it shows each database opening like the old server does.  So I don't know what I have wrong in the setup.  I cannot get this to open on the new server at all.  

     When I started the service on the new server today, all events looked good except on error that says File "Ptran_li.FP5" could not be opened:  Maximum number of files already opened.  

     When I try to launch FileMaker Pro on the server itself and locally point to Log_in.fp5, I get this error:

     "LOG_IN.FP5" is currently in use and could not be opened.  The file is single-user, or the host could not be found on the network. 

     When I go back to my local desktop and attempt to open FileMaker Pro, I am opening an existing company and then going to Host, and I see the new server there with no problems.  The program attempts to open and I get the log in screen but then I get an error that says "SDROW.FP5" could not be found and is required to complete this operation.

     So, I am thinking I am just missing something in the setup and hopefully someone here remembers this old program and can assist me on this.