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Filemaker Pro 6 - User Access Priveleges

Question asked by JLWilliams on Dec 16, 2008
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Filemaker Pro 6 - User Access Priveleges


User A has the same access privileges as User B (they are both part of the same User class, and their credentials are identical). However, when attempting to click on a specific button, it will not work unless User A is logged into User B's computer.

Conversely, if User B is logged in on User A's computer, the button will not work for her either. The only place that button will work is if someone (it doesn't matter who) is logged in as themselves, on User B's specific workstation.

What I need to know is why this happens, and how to adjust Filemaker's settings so that everyone in the same user class can use that button regardless of what computer they are logged into.

The Filemaker textbook does not provide information on how to fix this issue, and the script associated with that button don't appear unusual -- so any help would be appreciated.