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    FileMaker Pro 6 Change Language



      FileMaker Pro 6 Change Language


      Is it possible to change the language in FileMaker Pro 6?

      I work in a Japanese company and my company uses Japanese version of FileMaker Pro 6. But I and a few other employees prefer the English version. How do I change the language? Also let me know other possible solutions for this situation.

      P.S. I need a reply for FMP 6 only, if possible. Thanks.

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          This is a current version answer, FMP ver6 is more than a decade ago  Sep 2002 FileMaker Pro 6



          Home > Reference > Setting preferences > Setting general preferences

          Set the language that FileMaker Pro uses for menus, dialog boxes, and messages.
          Windows: For User Interface Language, choose a language.
          Mac OS: Use the International System Preference. For more information, see Mac Help. (You must log out of Mac OS and log back in to see the new language.)
          The new language does not take effect until you restart FileMaker Pro. If some language components are not installed, FileMaker Pro may alert you to install a language pack. For more information, see the Installation Guide for FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced.
          This setting does not change the system formats used for displaying and sorting dates, times, and numbers in a particular file. For more information on system formats, see Opening files with foreign system formats.
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            Yes, I knew it could be done in current versions of FMP. But due to some reasons, I am supposed to work on FMP 6 only.

            I even tried to modify the DLLs and change the static texts to English, but then the software started to crash. Is there any other way to switch language to English?

            Thanks for your response!