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FileMaker Pro 6 not launching default mail client (Windows XP)

Question asked by adocious on Nov 5, 2009


FileMaker Pro 6 not launching default mail client (Windows XP)


I have a user who regularly uses a FileMaker Pro 6 database to send email.  She has been using FMP6 with Thunderbird for a few years now without issue.  Somehow her computer began launching Outlook in FMP6 even though it was not the default mail client.  This has happened multiple times.  The first time it happened I was able to fix it by launching Outlook and setting it as the default, then launching Thunderbird and setting it as the default again.


It just happened again and this procedure is not working.  I've been Googling for various solutions for this issue but the only fixes that seemed relevant have failed to work.  Thunderbird is set as the default mail client in Internet Options and when it is launched it detects that it is, indeed, the default mail client.  In desperation I uninstalled Outlook but now FMP6 just fails to respond whatsoever to the email button within the FMP database (before it would launch an Outlook message window).  Does anybody know what the problem is?  I know this is an old version of FileMaker but the problem doesn't seem to be related to FileMaker, but rather to how Windows is reporting the default mail client.


Any help is much appreciated!