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FileMaker Pro 6 Not Recognizing 2000

Question asked by stellagirl12 on Feb 18, 2009
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FileMaker Pro 6 Not Recognizing 2000


I currently have a database running using the instant web publishing with FileMaker Pro 6.  In the web user interface, filemaker will not recognize the year 2000 when just "09" is inputed in the date field.  For example, when the date is entered as:




the four digit year will come up as 1909 rather than 2009 in both the web version and the actual filemaker database.  Is there something I need to download in order for it to read the correct year?  I already saw the filemaker article about converting between dates and I don't want to do that, nor do I want/need a script (at least I don't think I need one).  I also saw that the article referenced Technical Article #108096 in order to learn more about how filemaker interprets dates.  Where can I find that article?  Or does anyone know what I need to do in order for filemaker to interpret the date as 2009 rather than 1909?