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    Filemaker Pro 6.0v4  v  Bento 4.0.7



      Filemaker Pro 6.0v4  v  Bento 4.0.7


      Pro 6.0v4 was great, did everything I needed to do, particularly layout related and more.  I have tried to use Bento to achieve a similar result, without success.

      I do not need the extensive capacityof the later Filemaker Pros.  Is it possible to convert my Pro 6 to work on Mac OS 10.7.3 ?

      Eric Dalzell


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          You could get someone with FM Advanced to create a runtime version of your file for you, if it is not used in a multi-user environment, and it is a 'mature' development.  (You wouldn't have access to any design functions without buying FM Client.)

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            Thankyou, Sorbsbuster, that could be a possibility, but it sounds like a"one-off", and I don't want to be restricted for other possibilities.  If you take a simple job like an address book. – With FM 6.0v4 I was able to include more information than Bento can handle.  I printed both sides of each page, and generally it was much neater.  Bento is limited in format and frankly is a poor substitute.  (I have searched for a suitable template without success)

            My previous Mac is still with me, running OS 10.4 and OS 9.2.2, and it could be put back in Harness, but I would have thought that FM could have risen to a version which was something less than that needed to run a major business.  With 6.0v4 I did a programme some years ago for a busy Physiotherapist with 4 colleagues which ran very well until the professional organisation eventually produced a system for everyone a few years later when all Members had eventually got themselves a PC (Macs being rather special at that time).

            I could switch back from OS Lion to OS Snow Leopard , which, if I remember correctly will run FM 6.0v4, but that would seem like a step  backward. 

            Other thoughts:   Does FM 7 run on Mac OS 5 and above ?   If so, will it upload from FM 6 and where do I get one, or a conversion ?

            Many thanks for your interest. It is very much appreciated. I thought my plea for help might have gone lost amongst the asteroids.


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              I'm not a Mac user, so I'm not up to speed with the various OSs and their compatibility with the FM versions.  But you didn't mention anything in your response about having any imminent further development work for your FM V6 file.  So why not go ahead and get it converted to runtime, and wait until you feel the need to add a development change?  Then you can decide whether it's worth buying the FM Client, paying someone else to do it, or bringing your Mac out of retirement?  (Note that you'd have to get someone to import the data in the runtime back into your version 6 file.)

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                This may be a duplicate, as I wrote an answer which disappeared.  Briefly, I need to check on 'runtime' and 'FM Client' with which I am not familiar.  My use of FM is occasional, it was there to use, and Bento is a v. poor substitute.  May have to just rejuvenate the older Mac which will be delighted to be back in favour .

                One more thing, I seem to remember ? that FM 7 runs on Lion (OS 10.6)  and I asked FM when they moved to FM 8 or 9 if I could buy the 7, but was refused for some reason or other (said they didn't have any left, or something similar) 

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                  Thankyou, once again, Sorbsbuster, I am definitely out of date on the subject of FM.  I am not familiar with 'conversion to runtime', nor 'FM Client' which I guess I can read about on the FM website, though it would help if you could add a few words of explanation.  My need for FM 6 is occasional, but I miss it and would like to have it available, and Bento is a v.poor substitute.  (I remember when the original Filemaker was part of the Mac standard software).   Perhaps the best, and least expensive solution is to rejuvenate the older Mac.   (it will probably be happy to be back in favour)  

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                    The FM Client is just the FM6 application you refer to (as opposed to FM Server, or FM Runtime).  In recent versions of the FM Client Advanced there were additional developer tools built in, one of which allows the creation of a 'runtime' version of the file.  It effectively bolts a (nobbled) Filemaker application to the file and when distributed as a unit it allows a single user to run the file without having to buy the FM Client.

                    The restrictions are that it cannot be used multi-user, and it cannot be used to change any aspect of the design.  You would need to have access to a full-fat FM Client and open it with that to effect any changes.  That was why I asked if you were happy with the existing design - it will serve your purpose well if you do not see any reason yet to do more design changes.  If and when that occasion arises you can think then whether you want to buy the FM Client, or whatever.

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                      One more 'thankyou'.      Having looked at the FM site again, I am down to 2 ways to go.   1.  Wake up the older Mac    2. Buy FM 11 /12 which

                      runs on Mac OS7

                      No 2 may be best, as I am retired, definitely non-profit, and not in a hurry.     You have been very prompt and helpful.   Thankyou