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filemaker pro 6.0v4 intermittently "not responding"

Question asked by Cate on Jan 13, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2010 by SteveK


filemaker pro 6.0v4 intermittently "not responding"


We use Filemaker Pro 6.0v4 on iMac in our small chocolate business.  We use the program to input new customers, new orders, generate purchase order and invoices.  We are constantly going back and forth from Orders, to Companies, to Contacts, back to Orders, to Product descriptions, etc.


Randomly, the program flips to "not responding" mode, get stuck and we have to force quit, close out Filemaker and open it up again. This doesn't necessarily remedy the problem.


I am new here, only having worked in this program (daily) since last May.  However, the owner of the company is quite versed in Filemaker and he is flummoxed as to why this is happening now.


We have been using this program since 2002.


Do we need to reinstall the program?  Does this sound like a hardware problem?  Please advise.