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    filemaker pro 6.0v4 intermittently "not responding"



      filemaker pro 6.0v4 intermittently "not responding"


      We use Filemaker Pro 6.0v4 on iMac in our small chocolate business.  We use the program to input new customers, new orders, generate purchase order and invoices.  We are constantly going back and forth from Orders, to Companies, to Contacts, back to Orders, to Product descriptions, etc.


      Randomly, the program flips to "not responding" mode, get stuck and we have to force quit, close out Filemaker and open it up again. This doesn't necessarily remedy the problem.


      I am new here, only having worked in this program (daily) since last May.  However, the owner of the company is quite versed in Filemaker and he is flummoxed as to why this is happening now.


      We have been using this program since 2002.


      Do we need to reinstall the program?  Does this sound like a hardware problem?  Please advise. 

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          This appears to duplicate a post you have already made at:


          Filmmaker Pro 6.0 randomly "not responding" when sharing in multi user mode


          If you like, I can remove one or merge the two into a single thread.

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            I run FMP 6.0v4 on an Intel Mac Mini with Mac OS 10.6.3. I have been using FMP for many years as a single users on one computer. FMP is not networked.


            I can't be sure now on the timing, but months back, probably at around the time I upgraded to Mac OS 10.6, I noticed FMP would often be veeeery slow to respond to any mouse clicks. This slowness is the norm now. Occasionally it is fast.


            When the problem occurs even the FMP menu bar will not react straight away. Typically I click on something and must wait sometimes a minute or more before FMP does one thing like change the View to Find or Browse or what ever. Searching for data and flipping through the entries used to be instantaneous. Now it takes minutes to search and several seconds to flip through each entry. The size of the database has not changed much in 10 years (still only 9.4 MB)


            I have tried changing the location of the database from an encrypted drive to my unencrypted home folder, but this made no difference.


            Activity Monitor shows that when FMP misbehaves, it is using close to 100% of the CPU processing time.


            I didn't design the database, but I know that there are some separate databases which it may try to occasionally connect to when I am creating a new record in the database. I wonder if their absence would still be a cause for slowdown even when I not only viewing entries and not adding to them.


            Any ideas on a cause or cure?

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              Run it on a computer and operating system that it was designed, tested and ceritified for.

              Or upgrade to a current version of Filemaker.

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                davidlanders, thanks for your reply.


                After talking with FMP support staff on the phone, I am assured that FileMaker Inc will provide no upgrade path for me. It seems that there may be a way if I could find some other party selling old upgradeable versions (say, from v6 to v8.5 which I think is upgradeable to the current v11) but FileMaker Inc recommend against it. Is that because it would violate the licence agreement if the second-hand versions I would buy had already been used? Please confirm this point.


                However, I think I have for the interim sorted it without upgrading. Years ago when I upgraded from v4 to v5, then up to v6 (Or perhaps it was directly to v6 – I can't be sure now), the .fp5 suffix stuck to the v6 database files. Later I thought that this wasn't right for a v6 file and therefore ignorantly removed the suffix.


                I now suspect that is when my problems likely started. After I started scouring the Net for ways to upgrade, I came across Wikipedia's article on FMP. It indicated that the .fp5 suffix was correct even for a v6 FMP file.


                I reattached the .fp5 suffix and now the v6 database seems to work well once again.


                I look forward to your reply.