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    filemaker pro 7  question



      filemaker pro 7  question


      got buffer overrun message after pasting photo into container field. since then can't delete the record in question. any time I try program closes and have to reopen which takes about 10 minutes for it to recover.  tried to save layout - but command dimmed so duplicated file, tried to delete all records and reimport but deleting crashed program again. how do I rescue my records?

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          Several options:

          Recover the file and see if you can delete this record from the recovered file then import the remaing records into your clone.

          Since import records will import the found set, don't delete this record, just omit the record from your found set and then import the remaining records from your file into a clone.

          See if saving a copy of the file with the compressed option changes the behavior of the file.

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            Can't recover file - says file "was not created by filemaker or is severely damaged and can not be opened."

            Then I open it, which takes 45 minutes and was able to delete certain records. But when opening other records, crashes

            again necessitating another 45 minute opening each time so I cannon create an empty clone, but I can read all the records

            except certain picture containers now have question marks in them.


            Why does such chaos result from simply copying a picture into a container field just because it is too large?

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              Take a clone from a back-up.

              Open the data file (even if that is 'eventually') and omit the duff record.

              Import the data into the clone.

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                The problem with that is there are numerous bad records - I've deleted all but about 180 but I don't know which of those are good and which are bad. The only way I know is to try and open them one at a time. Each time I get a bad one it's another 45 minute recovery. If all 180 are bad that's about 140 hours of trying. And even then I won't be able to recover the bad ones. Haven't backed up in a couple years cuz file is too big to back up on my hard drive. I guess this is a defect in filemaker. Trying to put a medium size picture into a container shouldn't make it lose it's mind. It should refuse the insertion and give a message that file is too big. Better yet make the containers bigger so they can take more than small pics. I know I should have backed up but I should at least be able to do a recovery after inserting a pic into one record that it doesn't like.

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                  I suggest you to use free demo version of this third-party recovery application for FileMaker- FileMaker Recovery

                  It previews recoverable objects. If you are able to see all the records, then only you need to buy a full version.

                  This software has saved my valuable data many times.

                  Hope it will work for you as well.

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                    Hi Anax (By the way I couldn't see your first post, only this last one). I checked that link but it appears it's only for Mac

                    and this was on my pc.

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                      My first post was not posted properly due to network issues. If you are on Windows, then you can try this- http://www.officerecovery.com/filemaker/

                      The demo version works similar to the full version, but does not let you restore your data untill you buy full version.


                      Hope it will help you!