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filemaker pro 7 mailto not using outlook 2003 addin

Question asked by TheSpidy on May 19, 2010
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filemaker pro 7 mailto not using outlook 2003 addin


hi everybody,


i have a problem with filemaker pro 7 using outlook 2003/ addin.


my experience with filemaker is zero, as another department is taking care for it internally. all i got is the task to solve the problem :smileytongue:

so sorry if i ask stupid questions, even if i am a computer guy.


our problem:

we use filemaker pro 7 on a windows xp computer. we want to sent a mail out of outlook which works.

we are using the accellion file transfer outlook addin which doesnt seem to get added to the mail.


my question:

cant filemaker pro 7 handle outlook addins?

if filemaker can, is it maybe a problem of the addin itself?

is a newer version of filemaker able to handle one or more outlook addins?

can change the mailto somehow to integrate the outlook addin?


many thanks in advance.