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FileMaker Pro 7 Password Access Denied

Question asked by NoelleBrambila on Sep 30, 2010
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FileMaker Pro 7 Password Access Denied


We recently put a password on FileMaker Pro 7.  Unrelated, lately I have been having computer issues, so we backed up all data, including database, cleaned off the computer and then re-installed programs.  I have re-installed FM 7.  The database files are on an external hard drive.  I open FM Pro 7, ask to open an existing file, bring in the database from the external hard.  Then the request for user name (it puts in a name which I recognize) and password (blank) - I fill in the recent password, but it denies me access. 

How do I find out what it is looking for?  How do I get around this?  Can I just delete the password completely?  When I try to change the password, I put in the one I placed on it and I am denied.  I don't even need the password as I am the only one that uses the database.