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Filemaker Pro 7 won't start or update - times out with Windows error

Question asked by SteveDahlberg on Nov 9, 2011


Filemaker Pro 7 won't start or update - times out with Windows error


Filemaker Tech Support directed me here since they can't support 7 any longer. I'm a departmental IT tech and we have a handful of FMP 7 installs on various PC from WinXP Pro SP3 to Win7 Pro and they all install and start and work fine.

I have this one user with a Dell Optiplex 745 (standard PC here) and Windows XP Pro SP3 which refuses to successfully install (or maybe it just won't run or update it) FMP 7.  The installation process throws a Windows error "openssl.exe encountered a problem" but then reports that it finished installing.

When you click the desktop shortcut or the actual app icon ion Program Files the symptoms are the same (on user or admin Windows rights) - the splash screen shows Initializing ,,, then it times out and throws a Windows error. The event log for Applications shows a Filemaker Pro fault for every attempt to start the program.

I downloaded the FMP 7 Updater to 3 and 3a, and tried running 3 but it genereates a Windows alert that the program I'm trying to upgrade may be missing. It shows in Add/Remove programs. I've uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled several times now, no joy.

If I set the clock back two years, I don't see the openssl.exe error during installation but the symptoms remain the same. I have disabled Google Update service but no joy there either.  Not really in a position to easily reimage in this environment just to see if that does the trick. Am hoping someone has seen this before.