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FileMaker Pro 7.0 on Leopard--relational fields--HELP!

Question asked by museumgeek on Jan 7, 2010
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FileMaker Pro 7.0 on Leopard--relational fields--HELP!



I am fairly new to FM, working with a database set up by a much more experienced former employee. She set up our database using relational tables to create new records via portals. This has worked well for the most part. However, I set up a new layout that is also populated by one of the existing portals and there is a glitch. In the new layout only, some of the fields in records that share relational numbers automatically copy. What is even more strange is that some of the fields that are mimicking others are edit boxes. I am at a loss as to why the fields are acting this way.


Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated. We're on a tight deadline and need this database to finish our deliverable. I am willing to send a copy of the file along if needed as I'm sure I'm not explaining this well.


Thank you.