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    filemaker pro 8 labels



      filemaker pro 8 labels


           I have a 2 column database set up that should work with Avery 5161 labels.

           I cannot find where the choice of label is on Filepro 8 in order to print the labels.

           Please help!



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               For multi-column label printing on a plain paper printer, FileMaker requires that a separate layout be set up for the specified label size and arrangement. Have you created such a layout or is that what you are unable to do?

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                 the layout was previously set by someone else but I know that it should work for Avery 5161.

                 When I print, the labels do not match up perfectly.  I cannot find in filemaker pro 8 where I choose Avery 5161 or any label choice.

                 Can you tell me where it is?


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                   Enter layout mode.

                   Select "new Layout" from the Layout menu

                   There is a "new layout wizard" that then starts up. You can use it to select a "labels" layout and then you'll get a place where you can select a format for the layout base on an Avery number. but not all Avery format numbers will be listed. You may have to read the packaging on your box of labels carefully as the Avery number identifies both a format and the material from which they are made. You can often find information on the packaging telling you that the labels are the same size as Avery XYZA and then you can use that number--which may be more likely to be listed--when selecting a label size for your new layout.

                   You can't select this option for an existing layout. To adjust it to work better, you'd have to refer to the dimensions of your label, the size of any header strip on the label page and the distance between labels to make small adjustments to your labels.

                   Even when creating a brand new layout with the Avery Number specified, it's not uncommon to get a layout where the last row of labels do not print--they appear as the first row of labels on the next page. Small layout adjustments can usually correct this. Let me know if this is what you are seeing.

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                     I think that must be the problem because the first page of labels seems fine.  Each additional page is more and more off so that the

                     labels don't allign.  How can I correct? and thank you so much for your help?


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                       That would suggest a different issue as what you describe does not match what I described.

                       I recommend that you create a brand new layout. That should be much simpler to do than trying to adjust the current layout--where you'll need to make a minute change to the size of the layout body of exactly the correct amount in order to correct for the current problem.(the height of the layout body has to be exactly the same as the distance from the top edge of one label and the top edge of the same label one row down on the page--the height of the label plus the space (if any) between each row of labels.)

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                         If I make a new layout, won't the second page thing still happen?

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                           That would depend on how this issue came about in the first place. It's very easy to unintentionally modify the height of a layout part in FileMaker. Starting over seems to me to be your best bet for quickly fixing this issue but you'll have to try it and see if it works.

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                             ok, I did a new layout and found the labels I want to use but I can't seem to merge the info into the layout.

                             Any suggestions?

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                               You can enter layout mode, go to the original labels layout, select the objects in the body of your original layout, copy them to the clipboard, go to the new layout and paste them there. But pay attention to any error messages that appear. If one pops up offering to resize the layout, don't click OK or you'll be back with a layout where the body layout part is the wrong size.

                               But "merging the fields" is something that should be a built in part of the new layout wizard I think. (Don't have a copy of FileMaker 8 to check so maybe it was different.)

                               And make sure that your new layout is based on the same table (occurrence) as the original. You can check this by looking at "Show Records From" in Layout Setup... on both old and new layouts. They should both specify exactly the same Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? name.

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                                 Thank you for your answer and I'm sure it is very accurate but I am very non technical and I don't have the ability to try what you wrote.

                                 I never did see any type of wizard.  Is the clipboard in filemaker pro 8?

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                                   The clipboard is a standard feature of both the WIndows and Mac operating systems. You can select an item, then choose Copy from the Edit menu or press the keyboard equivalent. Then when ready, you select Paste or press the keyboard shortcut for Paste. This is not a feature unique to FileMaker.

                                   The "wizard" is what you see when you select "new Layout" and dialogs start popping up asking you what type of layout you want to create. The Wizard is where you specify the Avery number for your labels layout. "Wizard" is just computer user slang for a helper routine that helps a user complete a complex task by taking them through the task one small step at a time. Current versions of this part of FileMaker include a place where you can select the fields that you want to see on the label. As far as I know, the much older version of FileMaker that you are using has the same feature in its New Layout wizard, but since I don't have that exact version installed on my computer, I cannot check to be sure.


                                        I don't have the ability to try what you wrote.

                                   If you can break this down into specific questions, I'll be glad to offer more detailed, specific answers to them to walk you through this process. Please note that I included a link in my last post that takes you to a thread that explains what is meant by a Table Occurrence.