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    Filemaker Pro 9 (auto enter)



      Filemaker Pro 9 (auto enter)


      I have a database where multiple employees will work on a single client record at different times. I would like these employees to insert notes in a notes field and have it auto enter the account name and time stamp each time they leave notes. Is this possible? Is there a better way to do this?  

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             Have you checked out the Auto-Enter Modification Time, Auto-Enter Modification Time-Stamp and Auto-Enter Modification Name options you can select for a field?-
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               I have, but it will only allow me to use one of those options.  I want to auto enter the account name and a timestamp when they modify a record.
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              You can select one such option for each field and thus capture this info.


              There are also Get functions such as Get(username), Get(CurrentTime) and Get(currentdate) that can be made part of an auto-enter expression or a script.


              Get(UserName) & " " & Getastext(get(currenttime)) & " " & Getastext(Get(currentdate))


              can be used in either a script or auto-enter calculation.


              If you haven't used Get functions, try looking them up and doing some reading in the on-line help. There are some really useful ones in this group.

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                   Great!  Thank you so much for the information! I will look the Get Function up.
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                  The functions work great, but I still have a problem. After account user 1 adds their notes to the text field it stamps their user account name and the date and time, that user logs out and user 2 logs in to add their notes, but it doesn't stamp user 2 account name and date and time. It will only stamp it the first time. I then logged back in as user 1 and added notes and again it did not stamp the user account date and time.


                  I can't seem to get this notes field to do what I want it to do. Please help. I'm desperate. Thank you.

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                    nicoleb wrote:

                    It will only stamp it the first time.

                    Yep, with auto-enter set the way you have it, the data is only entered when you first create the record.


                    Set a separate field for each item you want to capture. (One for the date, one for the user name or account name, etc.)

                    Click the modification check box on the Auto-Enter tab and select the appropriate modification option for each field.


                    If you want to see all the modification info in a single field, define a calculation field:


                    ModName & ", " & getastext(ModDate) & ....


                    is one expression that should work for you.


                    It that still doesn't quite do all you need, you may have to resort to a script.