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Filemaker Pro 9 (FMP9) activation system

Question asked by DeborahGaines on Mar 25, 2013
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Filemaker Pro 9 (FMP9) activation system


     Migrated FPM9 from hard disk to new one all applications are fine but have received an error that the programme cannot find the internet to activate..... and need phone repair activation.

     No assistance in Portugal, UK number either does not exist or does not accept calls from abroad.

     Noted that may well not need phone assistance as some one in the US has mentioned that the internet activation system is no longer used with FMP9 and that tech support will send a new licence key that does not require online activation system at all.

     Am stuck as have no way of obtaining this being that am in Europe with no phone assistance.....

     Can anyone help me please.  See screen grab of notice am receiving.