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    FileMaker Pro 9 and Data Direct SequeLink 5.5



      FileMaker Pro 9 and Data Direct SequeLink 5.5


      We occasionally have an issue where access to FileMaker from our ODBC connection causes the FileMaker server to crash.  We are running on Windows using the ODBC driver provided by FileMaker (SequeLink 5.5).  DataDirect has a version 6.0.  Has anyone upgraded to this version?  Where can I find info on the "official" supported release of drivers.  I can't seem to find a list on the FileMaker website, but I suspect it is there.

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          I downloaded the 6.0 trial version while I was testing out FM10.  For me it operated the same as the 5.5's that came with my Filemaker 10.  When I read DataDirect's line on v6.0, the changed seemed based on additional security options, as opposed to a bug fix. With a situation as specific as yours, I recommend you go to DataDirect.com, download the trial version, and give those drivers a whirl.




          Also, I also searched all over FM's site and found pretty much no information on the ODBC drivers.  The place links send you to download ODBC drivers doesn't give you any driver specifics or the ability to download drivers.