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Filemaker Pro 9 and RAID versions

Question asked by PaulDonahue on May 28, 2014


Filemaker Pro 9 and RAID versions


     We have a small shop, about 12 users on a Windows Server 2003 domain.  We use Filemaker Pro 9 (from our software vendor - Happy Software) and we are looking to upgrade our network server.  We will be running Windows Server 2008 on the new server.

     Our vendor says that Filemaker Pro 9 works with RAID 5, which is what we have now. 

     My research tells me that RAID 10 is faster than RAID 5 for databases and I am looking to improve system performance.

     Does Filemaker Pro 9 work with RAID 10?

     Does anyone have a recommendation as to using RAID 5 vs RAID 10?