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    FileMaker Pro 9 and Rosetta



      FileMaker Pro 9 and Rosetta



      I have a client happily using FileMaker Pro 9 (both client and server).

      At some point we will be doing a hardware refresh and no doubt some of these machines will arrive with OS X 10.7 and no Rosetta support.

      Can you confirm that FileMaker Pro 9 requires Rosetta and that therefore moving to OS X 10.7 will require an upgrade to FileMaker Pro 11 (or whatever is current then)?



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          Im not sure if it does, (I only have 8.5 and 10) however if you can find out using 1 of 2 simple ways.  First if you select filemakers application icon in finder and press command - i, the get info box will appear.  About half way down it will say opens with Rosetta.  The second way is if you run the system profile, (it is in the utilities folder or can be accessed by choosing "more info" from the about this mac dialog.  Select Applications from the software section.  Look for FileMaker in the list that comes up.  If it says "PowerPC" you will require Rosetta.