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    FileMaker Pro 9 Exporting question`



      FileMaker Pro 9 Exporting question`


           Good Day All,


           I am new to Filemaker and have been thrown into an issue where a user is wanting to export a custom report to excel so that she can manipulate the data as she needs. When I try to pull the report up based on a date range and export, the export feature is grayed out. Any suggestions as to what may cause this? Could this be locked down on that particular template, or are setting for things like that global?


           Couple of side questions:


           1. Is the database file associated with this application the .USR file I see in the file share?


           2. Where are the custom templates housed, because all I see is all of the .dll files and the one .USR file?


           Thanks so much in advance!



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               If you see a file with .USR, then this is not only a FileMaker 9 file, it is a run time file and the developer who created this database file may have set limits that prevent exporting data from the file. A run time file has specific limitations set on its capabilities, the first of which is that you cannot make changes to the design of the file unless you open the .USR file directly by launching a full install of FileMaker and then opening it from the File Menu. Even then, security settings may prevent you from making any design changes to the file.