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    Filemaker Pro 9 hangs on startup



      Filemaker Pro 9 hangs on startup


      Hello all!  I am supporting a client that is running Filemaker Pro 9v1.  One of them recently had a computer failure. I am in the midst of building a new machine. It is a Windows XP Pro OEM with SP2, and right after I have just the OS installed and nothing else, I have installed FileMaker Pro9v1.  It installs fine and then I tried to run the program.  Filemaker shows the splashscreen, loads fonts and whatnot, then goes to the program screen and hangs.  In Task Manager the Filemaker program is running, and then, only on the first install, shows the msiexec.exe running.  Nothing happens and the only way to get out of the program is to terminate it from Task Manager.  I have installed windows XP SP2 and SP3, installed, rebooted, and then ran.  I have done pretty much anything and everything I can do,  I have tried upgrading it to 9v3 as well, but no joy.  Anybody have any suggestions?  I have also installed a viable printer on the PC as well.  Please!! Someone help!

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          Ryan Jones:


          Thank you for your post.


          If you "tried upgrading it to 9v3 as well, but no joy", then it sounds like FileMaker Pro 9.0v1 was not installed correctly.


          Deactivate FileMaker Pro 9.0v1 (if possible), and then uninstall it from your system.  Insert your original FileMaker Pro 9 CD and try installing again.  Once installed, try the 9.0v3 updater.  If the updater now recognizes the 9.0v1 application, then continue with the installation, and you should be good to go.  If the updater does not recognize the 9.0v1 application, then try downloading another copy from our web site.  If that doesn't work, then it appears your original CD has been damaged.  If you have access to another CD, try using that CD.  If not, let me know, and I'll try to get another CD to you.



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            Upgrading to FileMaker Pro 9v3 is not my major problem.  My major problem is just getting the software to work.  I seem to have come across a problem with either a driver for this motherboard (Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H) or it is the processor that is the problem (AMD Athlon II X2 240).  I installed only the OS and nothing else and Filemaker still only starts up, shows the splash screen, load the fonts, shows the program, and then hangs until I close it in Task Manager.  I used the exact same CD on an Intel P4 2.8Ghz machine and it loads and runs perfectly.  Is there something wrong with Filemaker running on an AMD Athlon II system?  This system runs fine with any other program I have run, so I can rule out a stability or motherboard flaw in terms of it being defective.


            I wish it was only a problem when upgrading from 9v1 to 9v3, but it is not.  I have devoted many hours of troubleshooting to this and can only come to the conclusion that it is either a Motherboard conflict or a Processor conflict.


            Has any one else reported a problem with either this motherboard or processor?