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filemaker pro 9 remote connection dropping

Question asked by bknrd on Jun 3, 2009
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filemaker pro 9 remote connection dropping



I need help with using filemaker on a network. My setup is as follows. 2 iMacs (only a year old or so) and sometimes a really new macbook all running filemaker pro 9. Our network is on a airport express. I have filemaker on one of the iMacs and my husband then accesses it remotely. He is frequently loosing his connection with an error message saying something like "connection with host is lost." I have scoured the forums and can not find a solution to this. I emailed my filemaker guy who helped us set it up and his solution was to get a mac mini and filemaker server to host the database file. This is not a solution considering the financial outlay for all that... there is just 2 of us running the business.

HELP.... (my husband is going nuts.... typing a new file and in the middle losing a connection)