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Filemaker Pro 9.03v3 hangs on start

Question asked by Screen1 on Feb 2, 2009
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Filemaker Pro 9.03v3 hangs on start




I was changing our customers laptop to a new one (HP 6735b XPPro) and was moving their production software to the new machine.

I installed Filemaker Pro 9.03v3 from a installation package.


 Installation went fine without errors. When starting the program first time (and after that every time) Filemaker Pro window opens with menu bar but the activate window wont show up, neither the Filemaker start window. Program hangs and have to be closed with Task Manager.

I have allready uninstalled F-Secure IS 2009 and disabled Windows firewall, deactivated all start programs and services (except Microsoft services and Filemaker activation service). Problem stays.


Has anyone met the same problem ?? Do you have have Fix or solution??