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Filemaker Pro Adavnced 12 Questions

Question asked by JCPython on Jun 6, 2012
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Filemaker Pro Adavnced 12 Questions


I just got filemaker pro advanced 12 the other day and so far its great! I have a database i been working on for a few months and i now distribute as a runtime solution on my website, it currently uses Brian Dunning's Easy Encryption to provide license keys to my customers and it uses the get system NIC address function to make sure that its only being opened on a single computer and not being shared.

I was told before about the Get PersistentID function that it was to be better than using a NIC adress function to help protect a runtime from pricary. does anyone have a break down of how to setup a security schema like this?


What about converting .fp7 to .fp12? my database is very complex with over 130 Layouts and 60 Tables, has anyone had any problems with the converting process or can anyone suggest that it may be better to just rebuild the whole database on the filemaker 12 to avoid any conversion errors, I just never had much faith in automatic conversions, just looking for confirmation if the converting feature works or not?


I started a starter solution, product catalog and i see that the new container fields allow for drag and drop to show images and pdf's, i tried setting up some container fields in a new database on FM12, but i get the error saying "the translator for this file formate could not be found..." what does this mean?



I lost the Radius feature to add curves to fields...too bad it looks terrible when you have a line border on the container fields though.

I watched a video and read this article ( about using the Get UUID function in a calculation instead of serial number for primary key fields, does anyone disagree or know of any downsides to doing this? or if theres no downside is there a upside its kinda the "if its not broke dont fix it" thing for me right now.


Sorry about all the questions but with FM12 being so new there isnt much googling i can do.


Also when using the themes i noticed there is now a color hight around the border of the fields when the field is in focus, in the onyx theme this color is blue, i would like to know how i am suppose to edit the color of this or how to remove it.


Thats all i can think of for questions right now, thanks in advanced for any help on these questions :)