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Filemaker Pro Advanced

Question asked by soledadcartagena on Jun 16, 2014
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Filemaker Pro Advanced



     I need help. Hope somebody outhere could guide me. I am making a catalogue in Filemaker Pro Advanced. I hav about 1000 books that will be in the catalogue. And the information that is in the database is









     What I want to do is to

     1: Show in an Another table only The author, title, year and subject. What is the best solution? I understand that i should make a relationship between the main ctalogue and Another table. Or?

     2: I want to see only the books that are under the subject "cooking books" and make an excel table. How to do? I need to seend the information to a bookshop so I want to show a list.

     3: If i have made my catalogue in Filemaker Pro Advanced 13 is it possible for others to see the catalogue via Web direct? If yes, how do I do it?


     I would be very very thankful if somebody could help me.


     Thank you!