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    Filemaker Pro Advanced



      Filemaker Pro Advanced



           I need help. Hope somebody outhere could guide me. I am making a catalogue in Filemaker Pro Advanced. I hav about 1000 books that will be in the catalogue. And the information that is in the database is









           What I want to do is to

           1: Show in an Another table only The author, title, year and subject. What is the best solution? I understand that i should make a relationship between the main ctalogue and Another table. Or?

           2: I want to see only the books that are under the subject "cooking books" and make an excel table. How to do? I need to seend the information to a bookshop so I want to show a list.

           3: If i have made my catalogue in Filemaker Pro Advanced 13 is it possible for others to see the catalogue via Web direct? If yes, how do I do it?


           I would be very very thankful if somebody could help me.


           Thank you!


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                    1: Show in an Another table only The author, title, year and subject.

               Other than the reduced number of fields, How with this "other table" differ from the first? (A layout can simply list records from your current table but only use the fields you specify and this would not require another table to do.)

               2. Enter find mode, specify "cooking books" in the subject field and perform a find. Then sue Save As Excel or Export Records to export the data to an Excel file. This can be scripted so that you can specify a subject from a drop down list, click a button and the excel file is produced.

               3. Web Direct requires fileMaker server. If you host your FileMaker Database file on FileMaker Server, you can then make the database available to other users via their web browsers if you use WebDirect in that context.

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                 Thank you so much Phil. Your reply helped me a lot.