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Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 - Lookups of my SQL DB

Question asked by mdaracz on Mar 17, 2010
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Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 - Lookups of my SQL DB


Dear Experts,


I have the following problem. I am setting up a form for looking up products in my MSSQL database. You can see the form and the relatioship in the following screen shot.





I am trying to lookup the product number and descritption from the IC_Products, which is my SQL database, and fill it into my promotion_lines.


The problem is that the MSSQL database uses a fixed field with empty spaces before the product code so say I have a product code11011, MSSQL sees it as "        11011"

So when I type in 11011 in my promotions maintenance, nothing is looked up because it is looking for "11011" without spaces.  Do I have to do somekind of calculation to trim the data that SQL provides?


I was successful using value lists to look up the product, but I need to be able to manually type in product codes for quick entry.


Any help will be really appreciated!