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    FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 - barcode scanning



      FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 - barcode scanning



           I am a journalist reviewing FMPA13. My local PR contact quit her job last week, so I'm waiting for a new one to support us members of the press, but I can't wait that long (deadlines!). 

           I would like to ask a question -- I need help with a new feature. On the "What's New" page it says:


      Bar code scanning – Add bar code scanning to your FileMaker solutions running on iPad and iPhone – without requiring additional plug-ins. Supports UPC codes, QR codes and many more bar code formats.

      This confuses me. I thought barcode scanning was already supported (scripts). Furthermore, I can't find a field type, nor an explanation of how this feature works in the Pro Advanced version. 

           If scanning with a barcode scanner still works through a script, can you please tell me if the script that I found in forum thread http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/000f411a53 would still work, or would users need to take into account different syntax? I ask because in the Help file there is reference to "barcodetype" and barcodetext" without further explanation as far as I can tell.

           Many thanks for any help you can provide me with this. Normally, my press contact would figure this out for me, but hopefully this forum works just as good, if not better :-).

           - Erik


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               What is new is the ability to scan data into FileMaker Go on an iPad or iPhone without using a third party app to do the scanning. You can now use Insert From Device--a new script step added with the new version to scan a barcode with the device's camera and get the barcode text directly entered into a text field.

               Scanning in FileMaker Pro--which typically uses an attached USB scanner running in keyboard emulation mode has long been possible where the scanner can be configured to append additional characters to the start and end of the scanned data in order to trip script triggers set up for that purpose in FileMaker. The thread you referenced is for scanning in FileMaker Pro, the Help info that you found is for scanning in FM GO 13.

               So it depends on the hardware that you plan to use for scanning your barcodes.

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                 I was confused and thought the new scanning capabilities involved barcode scanners. Thanks for your clarification.

                 However, if I were using a barcode scanner, I still need a script -- will the one in the forum thread still do? I am trying this out with a keyboard wedge type of scanner, but FileMaker won't accept the code as keyboard-entered text in a common text field...

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                   If your scanner is in Keyboard Emulation Mode (the default on most such devices), is in working order and you've scanned a barcode of a type that your scanner can read, then any version of FileMaker can accept that input into a text field. Just click in the field to give it the focus and scan a barcode. You can even launch a word processor application, scan the bar code and see the scanned data appear on the word processor page.

                   All the scripts do is  automate the process. The scan trips script triggers so that one script can detect the start of a scan and put the focus in the field setup up for recieving this input. Another script detects the end of the scan and processes the data thus input into the text field.

                   The same scripts can also be used with Magnetic Strip Readers working in Keyboard Emulation Mode. We use MSR's to read the data of the strips on CA Driver's Licenses for that purpose.


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                     OK, thanks. This helps a lot.