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FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 - barcode scanning

Question asked by ErikVlietinck on Dec 11, 2013
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FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 - barcode scanning



     I am a journalist reviewing FMPA13. My local PR contact quit her job last week, so I'm waiting for a new one to support us members of the press, but I can't wait that long (deadlines!). 

     I would like to ask a question -- I need help with a new feature. On the "What's New" page it says:


Bar code scanning – Add bar code scanning to your FileMaker solutions running on iPad and iPhone – without requiring additional plug-ins. Supports UPC codes, QR codes and many more bar code formats.

This confuses me. I thought barcode scanning was already supported (scripts). Furthermore, I can't find a field type, nor an explanation of how this feature works in the Pro Advanced version. 

     If scanning with a barcode scanner still works through a script, can you please tell me if the script that I found in forum thread would still work, or would users need to take into account different syntax? I ask because in the Help file there is reference to "barcodetype" and barcodetext" without further explanation as far as I can tell.

     Many thanks for any help you can provide me with this. Normally, my press contact would figure this out for me, but hopefully this forum works just as good, if not better :-).

     - Erik