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Filemaker Pro Advanced help: connecting layouts with records

Question asked by 13CBS on Sep 25, 2009
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Filemaker Pro Advanced help: connecting layouts with records


First off, background info:


Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced 

Macintosh version 10.5.8

Almost no experience with the program



I basically started using this program a few days ago, so I know how to make new records and new layouts. My problem is that I can't figure out how to "link" specific records in the database with specific layouts. For example:


I've taken multiple photos of, say, a collection of suits of armor, and I want to enter them into a single database. Each suit of armor has 5 photos of it from different angles, so for each suit I make a record identifying the suit of armor by name. I also insert fields into the record in order to label and identify each picture: one field might say "Front" to indicate that the picture is of the front side of the relevant suit of armor. The problem I'll come across in this fictional scenario is that, once I've made multiple records for each suit of armor and multiple layouts (each containing the relevant photos of each suit of armor), I cannot make each record "match up" with a specific layout. Thus, when I click on the little arrows on the upper-left corner of the database, the record changes, and thus the text that appears changes, but the photos do not because the layout does not change WITH the records (thus, I might start off with a record saying "Armor #1" and pictures of Armor #1, but when I go on to the next record the text will say "Armor #2" while the photos still show the pictures for Armor #1). My ultimate goal, hopefully, is to be able to click on those little arrows and not only change the text that appears, but also the photos. 


Many thanks in advance for any applicable advice!