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    FileMaker Pro Advanced Specify Calculation Dialog Box



      FileMaker Pro Advanced Specify Calculation Dialog Box


      Tried running this by the community but had no luck, so I thought I'd give a try here.

      This has been attempted by me on two different machines, both running FileMaker Pro Advanced 14 on Windows 8 64-bit.

      In any instance of a "Specify Calculation" dialog box ( Field definitions, Hide Object When, Set Variable, If Statement in a script, etc.) Copy and Paste do not work. This is using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V as well as the right-click context menu. Ctrl+X and right-click -> Cut remove the text, but I cannot paste the text anywhere, including outside of FileMaker (a text editor, etc.). These features work just fine on other applications on these machine, including other versions of FileMaker (11-13).

      Copy and Paste work fine in other areas of FMPA 14 on these machines, for example, copying an object in layout mode, copying and pasting text in a field.

      Any suggestions, or even a confirmed reproduction from someone else would be appreciated.