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    FileMaker Pro Advanced v12 - License Question



      FileMaker Pro Advanced v12 - License Question


           I use a Mac and PC network at home. They are both portables so that I can take one out on the road and leave the other at home.

           Depending on the project, there is often an advantage to work in either the Windows or Mac environment. At the very least, a developer ought to be able to text out a solution in the targeted platforms. I should clarify that no more than one copy or instance of the software would be running at any given time. That said, does FileMaker Pro Product License allow for this in any way?

           In case I'm missing some fine print, it appears that the license is good for only one computer. If this is the case, does FileMaker offer any discounts to make the one additional license cost effective for an individual?

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               For years I've run FMPA on my desktop machine exclusively. I recently acquired a MacBook Pro (from my daughter when I bought her a newer one). Today I installed FMPA on the laptop from the version 13 upgrade disk image. All that was required was the license key. Had the installer asked for an upgradable previous version (12), I would have pointed it to the installation on my desktop, but it didn't ask.  As long as only one computer has the program running at a given moment I believe I am in compliance with the EULA. Since all my machines are on the same network FM would know that  more than one instance of the program was in use. Of course, when the two machines are not on the network (laptop  not at home) the point is moot.

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                 Thanks Rick. You helped confirm what I had assumed,