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    Filemaker Pro Advanced with Server Advanced?



      Filemaker Pro Advanced with Server Advanced?


      Hi All,

      If I was to eventaully share my database online using the functions provided with Filemaker Server Advanced, does the original database have to be developed using Filemaker Pro, or can it be developed using Filemaker Pro Advanced?  

      Also, is the any version conflicts with this prcoess? Such as both the Server/Pro combination or Server/Pro Advanced combination have to be the same versions.

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          FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced produce files of exactlyl the same format. Either can open the same databases--either locally or when hosted from a server. The hosted files can be hosted by FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Server or FileMaker Server Advanced and it will make no difference.

          Filemaker versions 7 through 11 have the same file format so any version of filemaker in that range can open/access files created by another copy in the version range--but features specific to a newer version will not be functional when opening the file with an older version.

          FileMaker Pro Advanced is a very import version to use, but only for developers. For a general user, it offers no features not found in FileMaker Pro. I recommend that all developers get a copy of advanced as the debugger, data viewer, design report features will save them hours of effort and the custom menus, custom functions features provide design options not available in FileMaker Pro. (But those features, once added to the file work just fine when opened with FileMaker Pro.